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A Website Dedicated to Mothers and Unborn Children

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This website has a right to exist simply because its intentions are good. This is a Christian website, although Pro-Life isn't just a Christian standpoint, but a moralistic one of all religions. It is derived from the belief that life doesn't just start when a child is born, but that life begins when it actually does begin.
The Dictionary's first definition of life describes life as existing, and being capable of vital functions. Vital functions do include growing, developing, and even having a heartbeat, which a baby does at 24 days.
Morally, abortion is wrong. When someone is for abortion, they completely disregard the human life, or even the potential human life. Even if it can be concluded that life does not necessarily exist when a abortion is usually committed, the idea cannot be shaken that there is some form of potential for a human life that has been created, instead of just being a possibility like anything else when egg and sperm cells are created. Something has been created when a woman becomes pregnant, and that creation is sacred.
When someone is not for an abortion, in this case, they are looking at the human life that is unseen, and the woman who has had an inconvenient pregnancy, in a situation where she has to make a difficult choice. To be blunt, that choice can be selfish or not-so-selfish, meaning that she can go through the pregnancy or not. Not going through the pregnancy, however, will not change the fact that she was pregnant. That kind of memory can have long-lasting effects, different from those adoption can leave.
My mission is this: To create a website expressing the truth about abortion, the truth about pro-life, and to have valid and good information and resources. Also, to create a webring that allows people all over the net to express their beliefs wherever they like.